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Not sure what to expect? Former residents share their recollections of the UNIShare experience.

Azadeh, PhD, Iran

As an international student, I had many concerns to sort out through which finding a suitable place for living was among the most important ones, especially, that I live whole my life with my immediate family and have no idea how life would be when I live with some people whom I don’t know before. However, all these concerns were solved as soon as I found myself in UNIShare, as all people were so kind and nice to me. Living with six kind friends from different nationalities was an awesome experience full of happiness, good memories and useful lessons. Besides, I learned and still learning a lot about different countries, their foods, different tastes, attitudes to life and lots of other interesting things by living with them.

  • Moreover, I personally believe one of the factors which make UNIShare an interesting place for living is Mr. Lionel. From the first day that I contact him, I found him very supportive, kind, and generous. During my stay in UNIShare, there happened some circumstances that I had to contact him to fix the problem, and all the time he was available ASAP with a very thoughtful, helpful and kind behaviour. In whole, I found a new family here in UNIShare with whole my lovely friends and with the support of Mr. Lionel like a father. They help me to never feel alone in Adelaide, although I don’t have any family or friends there at the beginning.

Sarah, Undergraduate Intern, Germany

I arrived in Adelaide for my internship at SA Water in January 2010. I didn’t have any clue where to stay so I read every newspaper and looked up in the internet. I wanted to find a place as soon as possible in Adelaide, but at first I was a little bit disappointed, because I visited lots of houses which sounded nice but they weren`t until I finally found Lionel’s number. I was very happy that Lionel wanted to help me immediately to find a place where I feel like at home!

  • My first impression about the house was perfect and looking back it was the best decision I could have made. Not only the nice house which has everything you need, especially the location was beautiful! The suburb is one of the newest in Adelaide, very clean and there are many possibilities to enjoy life, for example to go jogging, making BBQ in the park just opposite the house or relaxing at the lake (10 min. walk). It has also a perfect connection with public transport to get to the city, shopping center or uni/work.

    Due to so many housemates from all over the world you get a great chance to learn about different cultures, you are never bored and at the end of your stay you have a lot of new lovely friends! And if we ever had any problems we always contacted Lionel who fixed the problem as soon as possible! I would highly recommend everyone to live in one of the UNIShare house. It makes your stay in another country easier when you don’t have to bother about furniture, internet and all the accessories and you are made to feel so welcome!

Beth, Undergraduate Intern, New York State

In February 2008, I left the United States ready and excited to finally be starting my 5 months abroad in Australia! After 23 hours of navigating through airports, sampling the Qantas vegetarian menu, and finally tracing the plane’s trajectory over the Pacific, I landed in Adelaide, completely exhausted but excited to be on Australian soil at last.

  • Before I left, I decided that it would be a good idea to actually have a place to live when I got there. I looked online at a few different places; hostels, apartments in the city, resident colleges a bit more north, and then the Unishare house caught my eye. Seven people, one house. Choose a room, share a kitchen, two bathrooms, a laundry room and the common areas. I looked through the website and found that it was the closest option to UniSA’s Mawson Lakes campus. It was also located close to the bus stop, a useful spot for future trips into the city and around Adelaide as well.

    After a little deliberation, I emailed Lionel and he replied that there was a room available. I had read that two recommendations were required in order to live there. At first, this seemed strange to me but later it gave me a sense of security in knowing that all the other residents had to produce recommendations too. Then, after a series of emails, I had been able to transfer my bond and first two weeks rent online and was set with a place to live after I arrived.

    Lionel met me at the house and checked me in that afternoon. After the first few weeks, more people moved in and the house was full. We had a meeting to discuss some shared responsibilities such as buying the toilet paper and taking out the garbage. At first it was difficult to get into the swing of things. Some issues arose concerning how high to have the air conditioning and how to avoid exceeding the internet quota. We were also shown that ants like messy kitchens and learned to keep it clean and take the garbage out on time.

    Whenever we had a situation at the house, we would let Lionel know and he would either suggest a way to fix it or take a look at it himself. If there were housemate issues that we did not know how to solve, he would help out in those cases as well.

    All in all, I think that the Unishare house had been an excellent choice. It was clean and well kept up by those who were hired to take care of the common areas and garden. The surrounding suburb is fairly new and rapidly expanding. Very nice houses and very well kept landscape areas, including two ponds and a few parks are also within the suburb. I did not have much contact with the neighbors, but from what I could see, there are many young families in the area and nearly everyone had a dog. Conclusively, the Unishare house was a nice place to be, and for the period of time I was in Australia, it served as more than just a place to sleep, it truly became my home away from home.

Matin, PhD, Bangladesh

Before travelling to Australia as an overseas student, arrangement of accommodation appeared as a real headache for me. I followed my friend’s advice to google in the web and the accommodation I found nearest to UniSA Mawson Lakes campus was UniShare. Fortunately, I became a resident of the house and passed a nice time there before I moved out for a family accommodation. UniShare is really a nice shared house because of a number of reasons. The house is purpose built as a student shared accommodation with ample facilities for comfort; rooms and common areas are well furnished. But, the main thing I would appreciate that the landlord is so caring and responsible which is not quite common. I still love to visit UniShare to meet my friend there. Long live UniShare to serve the students.

Kristina, PhD, United Kingdom

UNIShare was ideal for my short-term rental. No messing about with furniture or bills or worrying about being lonely! The Pooraka house was very well equipped, clean, tidy and filled with lovely, friendly housemates. The house is in a quiet, neat area where people say hi to each other as they pass on the street. Good value, good atmosphere, good landlord, highly recommended.

Nerissa, DipEd, United Kingdom

Unishare was without a doubt a very convenient and safe place to live in. It truly made my study life so much easier. I’m glad I chose to move there as it allowed me quick access not only to the university but also to all the facilities that I needed to use. If you are thinking of studying in Adelaide I would highly recommend UNIShare as it provides excellent living conditions that suit students of all ages. Trust me, you won’t get disappointed.

Christoph, Undergraduate Intern, Austria

I really had an enjoyable time at the UNIShare accommodation. My housemates were great fun, and we never had any issues. Everybody respected each other greatly. The house is big, with a nice backyard where you can do BBQ and relax a little from Uni. Everything is within walking distance: Uni, stores, etc. It’s half an hour drive to the city, there are buses all night on weekends. If you’re looking for a neat accommodation close to Uni, this is the right place for you.

Jason, Master of Teaching, Taiwan

UNIShare is an outstanding accommodations provider for students! The housing is not only furnished with high standard facilities but also the management ensures that the rights of the students are taken care of. I like the non-smoking, quiet and clean environment which is suitable for studies and of course sometimes have fun with the other friendly housemates. It is quality living at a reasonable price. Ultimately it is the home away from home!

Franz, PhD, Austria

UNIShare enabled me to considerably shorten the time needed to accommodate myself to Australia by providing high standard facilities allowing to minimise the time spent for running and organising accommodation. Residing in close proximity to the university, UniShare provides excellent support for students and enabled me to fully concentrate on my PhD studies

DSTO SVS Student Testimonials

Hermine, Monash University

Relocating from Melbourne to Adelaide for the summer, as a DSTO vacation student, the accommodation UNIShare provided was ideal for my situation. Moving into a furnished house, with electricity, water, and internet bills as well as cleaning and maintenance being taken care of by Lionel the landlord, it made for a hassle-free move. Furthermore, the location, situated perfectly between my workplace and the city, also surrounded by shops and public transport, allowed be to embrace everything Adelaide had to offer. This was too due to the wonderful housemates I had at UNIShare, who were great to be around and full of helpful advice, as too was Lionel. Lionel aims to make your stay as smooth as possible, and I would highly recommend UNIShare to any other DSTO students coming to Adelaide.

Varun, University of Western Australia

I had a great time in Adelaide! UNIShare Mawson Lakes was a very comfortable place to live in. Its great for students! Living in UNIShare meant that I didn’t have to worry about stuff like furniture. I didn’t have to worry about paying individual bills for electricity, water and internet. All that annoying stuff was abstracted away in a fortnightly rent. The housemates were fantastic people and were always willing to help. The landlord was awesome and he always made sure everyone was happy. I recommend UNIShare for all interstate students doing the DSTO SVS program.

Matthew, University of Western Australia

My experience while living in Adelaide, and working at DSTO as a SVS student, was made less stressful by my accommodation arrangement with UNIShare. The house I was staying in was close to all that I needed while in Adelaide, including shops and, more importantly, public transport. My housemates were good fun to be around, the rates and expectations were easily manageable, and the landlord went out of his way to ensure that everything ran smoothly. I would strongly recommend any future SVS students, or other students who find themselves in Adelaide, to consider taking up this opportunity.

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