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Solar Power

Electricity prices have risen over 35% in the last two years, and are likely to continue to increase. To counter these soaring energy costs, UNIShare has installed solar panels at Mawson Lakes.

Solar Power UNIShare

The Benefits

The shift to renewable energy will reduce our energy bills as prices continue to rise in years to come.

UNIShare pays the utility bills on behalf of our tenants, and the savings will help us to keep rents as low as possible.

Chart it!

From weekly meter readings, we produce cost (and savings) estimates for the current quarter. The chart shows the progressive savings forecast each week at Hillcrest, up to midway through Q4, 2012:

  • yellow bars represent what the bill would be without solar;
  • red bars show how much the bill is reduced by consumption of solar generated electricity instead of retail power off the grid (S);
  • purple bars shows the final forecast bill, including additional savings due to selling power back to the grid (R).
Solar Power UNIShare
Solar Power UNIShare

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