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House Rules

These House Rules are published in the interests of harmonious relations with your housemates and your neighbours (and your landlord, of course!).

Your Entitlements

  • UNIShare residents are entitled to free enjoyment of their rooms.
  • Residents are entitled to share the enjoyment of the common areas and facilities with their UNIShare housemates.

Your Responsibilities

  • Residents are responsible for keeping their own rooms clean and tidy. Cleaning equipment including vacuum cleaner is supplied.
  • The common areas are professionally cleaned every two weeks at UNIShare’s expense, but THE CLEANERS DO NOT WASH DISHES. Residents are responsible for keeping the common areas clean and hygienic between visits by the cleaner. This is particularly important in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Please report any damage, theft or problems requiring maintenance immediately to us.
  • Every resident is responsible for security. Ensure all external doors and windows are secure when you leave.
  • Each resident has a front door key and a key to the resident’s room. Keep your keys safe. If you lose a key, a replacement key will be arranged at your expense.
  • If you find yourself locked out of the house or your room, do not attempt to force entry. We will help if we’re available, but don’t call us after 10 pm or before 7 am. At these unsocial hours, you will have to find alternative accommodation or call out a locksmith at your own expense.


  • Rent is payable fortnightly, in advance. The preferred method of payment is by electronic transfer into the landlord’s account.
  • You may be asked to leave the house if you fail to pay rent on time.


  • No illegal activities in the house.
  • No illegal drugs on the premises at any time.
  • No smoking in the house.
  • No equipment or furniture may be removed from the house without prior agreement with the landlord.
  • No cooking in the bedrooms.
  • No pets.
  • Keep noise down to reasonable levels at all times. After 10:30pm, any sound generated within your room should not be audible in any other room.
  • No nails, hooks, adhesives or other fixings may be applied to any part of the house without permission. If permission is granted, you agree to pay for any repairs needed to make good any marks, stains, deposits or other damage caused by the fixings.

Respect and Tolerance

Housemates shall show respect and tolerance in dealing with their housemates. This means:

  • respecting the rights of every housemate to quiet enjoyment of the facilities, e.g. no excessive noise, not leaving the kitchen in a mess etc.
  • respecting cultural and religious differences.
  • tolerating misdemeanours (nobody’s perfect!), expressing your concerns with courtesy, and responding graciously when others raise concerns with you.
  • harassment will not be tolerated in any form, including social media1. Offenders will be asked to leave.

1 to prevent the perception of harassment, do not post any content involving a housemate to any social media site without their permission.

Landlord’s Access

  • The landlord will need to attend the house for management or maintenance purposes, and in so doing will always respect residents’ privacy.
  • The landlord will always attempt to contact somebody at the house before attending and will only enter a resident’s room by prior arrangement or in an emergency or if there is reason to believe a breach of house rules has occurred.
  • The landlord will normally only attend in daylight hours but may attend at other times if requested.
  • Major maintenance and repairs will be carried out by qualified tradespersons, usually on weekdays. Minor maintenance and repairs may be carried out at weekends.


  • Visitors may stay for a maximum of 2 consecutive nights on an occasional basis. Visitors must provide their own sleeping bag and must be accommodated in the resident’s room. The sofas in the common area are expressly not to be used for overnight stays. This concession should be used sensibly and will be cancelled if abused.

Moving In and Moving Out

  • We will let residents know in advance of a new person moving in, and encourage new residents to move in during daylight hours.
  • When moving out, it is the residents’ responsibility to remove their personal belongings. Items remaining after departure will be deemed discarded and disposed of.

Motor Vehicles and Parking

  • In the interests of good neighbourliness, our policy is to limit the number of cars kept on the property to no more than two. UNIShare therefore gives first preference to students who do not have their own transport. These are the applicants who will benefit most from our favourable location, within walking distance of campus, or on major bus routes, or both
  • UNIShare will provide garage parking space to a maximum of two residents at all times. A rent of $5 per week will apply to each parking space.
  • If both parking spaces are taken, UNIShare will not accept further applications from car owners or would-be car owners.
  • Only tenants who are renting a parking space as part of their tenancy agreement will be permitted to keep a car at the property. Tenants who are considering buying a car, must seek the landlord’s prior approval.
  • If you are renting a parking space, you are requested to use the off-street parking at all times. Do not park anywhere else on the property, and do not leave your vehicle on the street overnight.

Good Neighbourliness

  • Maintaining good relations with the neighbours is absolutely essential to the preservation of the share house lifestyle.
  • Be sensitive of noise levels, particularly after 10:30pm.
  • Any complaints by neighbours will be taken seriously, and if upheld following investigation, may result in you being asked to leave.


  • UNIShare provides accommodation exclusively for bona fide students. Residents must maintain proof of enrolment and be actively studying or they may be asked to leave.

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