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Application Process

Prior to the applicant’s arrival in Australia:

  • Application is submitted by e-mail, using the UNIShare application form.
  • UNIShare processes application, follows up references, and offers the applicant a room if successful.
  • If accommodation offer is accepted by applicant, landlord e-mails a tenancy agreement for signature.
  • Upon receipt of signed agreement, landlord provides bank details for payment of security bond.
  • Applicant transfers security bond amount to UNIShare account.

After the applicant’s arrival in Australia:

  • Applicant makes contact with UNIShare, and an appointment is made for check-in.
  • The first 2 weeks rent is payable at check-in.

Note: Please advise in your application whether you intend to keep a car at the property. Parking is limited and each property can accommodate no more than 2 residents with cars.

Who can be My Referees?

UNIShare requires two references to support each application; from a personal character referee, and an academic of employer referee.

  • Your personal character referee can be a personal friend, or work colleague, or a member of your sports team; in other words, anyone who knows you well.
  • Your academic/employer referee can be a current or former teacher or academic supervisor; or your current or former employer in part time or full time work.
  • Please provide the name and e-mail address of each of your nominated referees. I will send them each an e-mail, requesting that they provide a reference for you.

Note: Members of your immediate family are not eligible to be your referee.

Signing the Tenancy Contract

If your application is successful, the Landlord will send you a tenancy agreement to sign and return.

  • Sign the front sheet of the contract, initial or sign sheets 2 and 3, then scan the signed document (single pdf file preferred!) and e-mail it back to landlord.
  • The landlord will provide UNIShare bank details. The applicant pays the security bond (the bond amount is equivalent of two weeks’ rent) by electronic funds transfer (on-line banking).
  • Upon receipt of security bond, landlord informs applicant that room is reserved for applicant.

Return to the home page to see all on offer. If you have any questions, please get in touch via the contact form.

UNIShare Student Accommodation